Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Happy Birthday

 Last Wednesday our stamping group of 4 (we are the 4 musketeers vs the 3 musketeers)  got together to celebrate Sally's birthday.  We made it a surprise trip - she knew we were going someplace but she didn't know where.  We have a darling boutique/ craft store in Bonne Terre (about 12 miles north of Farmington).  It is called the Fancy Crow and it has a little bit of everything and the owner is a delight.  

We then went for pizza/salad at   also in Bonne Terre - wonderful pizza and the price is beyond right.  One of our musketeers Cheryl lives in Bonne so after lunch we went back to her house for cake.  Is this not beautiful.  

Cheryl had it made - and it was not only beautiful but delicious as well.  And then Cheryl send the remaining left over cake home with us.  (The best part).

Here is the birthday card I made for Sally.

It is a cascading fold card - cased from Dawns Stamping Thoughts video.  Well I said some not so nice words before I finally got it figured out.  I had to work from the completed card back to the basic card.  I don't think it was Dawn - but more me getting it all to come together.  I love the final result.  I used Stampin.up Sending Smiles I like the final end result.  I enjoy cards that you can set on a shelf or desk and display.  Happy Birthday Sally

One more birthday to celebrate - MINE!!!  That will be in August.  


Donna said...

This is an amazing card Shirley, I'm sure Sally loved it! And that cake looks fabulous!

Patti J said...

Oh my, that cake was SO rich! Delicious, indeed! So happy that Sally had a good time, I sure did! Loved your card! Mine looked puny next to yours! Well done!

loz said...

Fabulous card Shirley.. Yummy Cake also...Loz

Cheryl W said...

I LOVE the card you made! I just made three cards like this (I followed Dawn's video, too) for my daughters' birthdays this month and in July. I've got one more started that I will finish tomorrow. I had a little trouble figuring out how to adhere the mechanism piece, but once I got that straightened out, I managed to finish them pretty quickly. This is such a unique fun fold.

Darnell said...

Oh, where to start? What a fun post, Shirley! I want to be the 5th Musketeer ~ you ladies know how to have a good time! That cake is beyond! And I love your beautiful fancy fold card for the birthday gal! Anything other than a single fold is beyond my pay grade, lol, but I admire all of you who can manage it! Hugs, Darnell

Laurie Unger said...

What a wonderful cake - it almost looks too pretty to eat. I also really like your fun fold birthday card you made for Sally. Awesome job!