Thursday, July 21, 2022

Hello Summer/Flamingo

 Oh talk about hot - I think we are going to top 100 today - staying inside this afternoon. 

This week for my female chemo buddies I made "Flamingo" cards as I was sending them as my giftie a flamingo tea towel/or socks with flamingo.  I try to coordinate a card to go along with the giftie I send them weekly.  I don't always succeed but it is fun to find a image to match the gift I send them.  For my women it is easy - but for my man - well that is a bit harder to come up with.  I usually don't make many masculine cards - but I have made a few and I keep those in a separate folder.  I have a 16 year old chemo buddy - male and a 75 year old male senior buddy. I have been doing this for well over 15+ years and I get so much happiness in my heart.  This week here are the cards I send my female buddies.  


I made these cards with an older set from Amuse Studio - (from TAC I went with The Amuse Company a direct sales), and I have kept several of the stamps that I acquired as a demonstrator.  I am currently a Stampin Up demonstrator - and yes I am my best customer.  Lets just call it like it is - I LOVE rubber stamps.  
I especially love the stamps that have the dies that can be purchased separately but I don't limit myself to just SU.  I make a lot of my own gifties to send to my chemo/senior buddies - always looking for that special little something to include in their weekly note and card.  I currently have a female buddy and I made her 6 thank you cards - with envelopes including the stamp that she can use to send out for her personal use. 
Stay inside where it is cool - this too will pass!!!


Sunday, July 17, 2022

National Ice Cream Day

 Has it really been three weeks since I posted???  Well...has been a busy three weeks.  First my friend Patti and I had our first in person stamping class since Covid.   We had a great turnout so great that we divided the class into two days.  We had 18 students and 9 pick up kits.  (I will show the class cards at a post this week.)

Second - hubby had surgery - overnight stay in the hospital - and has had a really rough two weeks of recovery.  I think we have called the doctor almost everyday with a new issue to deal with.  Currently dealing with an infection so is on a coarse of 2 weeks of antibiotics. I'm hoping he is on the right track now and each day will be a bit better.  He is usually a fast healer and doesn't complain of pain but this surgery got him down.  

So today is National Ice Cream Day - July 17.   I made up my ice cream base yesterday and will make the ice cream today.  We have a countertop ice cream maker that makes one quart - perfect size.  Our favorite homemade is coffee toffee.  

Here is my card to celebrate - I made 3 of these and will send to my chemo buddies this week along with a DQ gift card.  

I used a retired SU set - along with a scrap of DP that goes with the stamp set.  I wish I could still get the paper but... I stamped the envelope as well with ice cream cones.  I think my chemo buddies will enjoy their creamy treat.