Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Ready for the New Year

Is it really going to be a New Year - 2023??? Where has this year gone.  Lots of newsworthy stories, weather, and family issues to deal with.  As for the family issues hubby had his last surgery December 13 and it is a SUCCESS!!!  He is a new man - and wonder why the doctors didn't do this procedure to begin with.  But being a nurse and having worked in case management for a while I know insurance makes you jump through all kinds of hoops - but I think he finally jumped through the right hoop.  

I have a few chemo buddies and a senior man which I have had for well over a year.  Here are the New Years cards I mailed out today.

This image was a Gerda Steiner free digi image and I had a lot of fun coloring it. 

This is a Spellbinders die that I got "on sale" at HL and it just sort of jumped in my basket!!!  I can see a lot of uses for this die and have order a word set to go with this set.  For my New Years card I stamped and embossed "it's a new year" in gold and cut out gold numbers 2023.  I kept it simple with just an envelope with a gold flap  The detail on this set is amazing and has a lot of pieces I did not use (yet).  This is one I think I will be happy to have in my collection.  

I have a young man (11 years old) as a chemo buddy and today I got a photo Christmas card from his mom which showed the family.  It is the small things in life that make me happy.  I was so happy to see the young man who is dealing with chemo - and he is smiling.

Being kind, merciful  and giving is one of my New Years resolution.  No it is not losing weight, swearing off chocolate or coffee, or sending more cards.  This one resolution I plan on doing on a daily basis, and hopefully will bring  a smile to someone else. One more resolution is to use my NBUS (never before used stuff) in my basket before I order "new" stuff.  Now this one is going to be a bit harder to keep.  God has given me the ability to still use my hands (and mind) in making cards - and I want to continue to do so for a "long" time.  

2022 is over and 2023 is just a few days away. Be the Best you can Be.   


Donna said...

Fabulous cards, the Gerda card is so adorable and I love the mailbox card, thanks for gifting me one!

*Vicki* said...

These are absolutely brilliant creations Shirley! I adore those tiny little penguins with the numbers!! So cheerful and fun and just perfect for your chemo buddy too! That mailbox is really cool and I can see why it jumped into your cart!! I love that added year numbers to the front and the way you've dressed this one up too!
I like your thoughts on the New Year and I think you're already a VERY giving person my friend and I don't think that will change in you as it's just there in your heart! I'm very happy to hear about your DH having a successful surgery too! Yay! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for this next year and thanks for your support and being a great friend!

Patti J said...

What a nice post! I loved reading this one. However, I know no one that has a bigger heart, or is kinder than you, so you shouldn't have trouble with this resolution. NOW...the NBUS? lol...that's a different story, dear friend! Thanks for the reminder about the free image at Gerda's - I totally forgot! Need to nab it quick! Hugs...

loz said...

Fabulous cards Shirley. So happy your husband is better.. have fantastic 2023..Loz

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Your cards are adorable. That postal box is a hoot. It's been wonderful to swap squares with you. Have a very happy new year!