Monday, November 23, 2020

POTW - Embossing with Mother Nature

 It is my week to do a Project of the week - and I hope you not only enjoy this but will try doing it with your own art of Mother Nature.  

First gather supplies

which include leaves from trees or plants in your yard on on your walks, Versa-Mark ink, embossing buddy, and your favorite embossing powder.  

After dusting your solid cardstock lay your leaf out on a piece of used copy paper, and generously apply your versa-mark ink pad over the entire leaf including stem.  

Lift your leaf up from the copy paper and turn it over so versamark side is face down on your colored card stock.  Again place a piece of copy paper over the leaf and gently press the versa-marked image on the card stock as shown below.    

 Gently lift the leaf off the colored cardstock and this is what you should see:

Generously sprinkle embossing powder of your choice, (I found that cooper, gold, medieval metals, really work the best). Heat set with your heat gun making sure all of your veins etc. are beautifully embossed.   

Stamp and emboss your sentiment I used 3214-G Thanksgiving Blessings on this card- and I choose to use a bit of bling.  

On the card below I used 1105-E Thinking of You and used a sheer gold ribbon on the bottom.  

Hope you try this - any pretty leaf from outside or even a pretty houseplant will work well.  


Donna said...

Fabulous card and great tutorial Shirley!

*Vicki* said...

Yay! I'm so happy you've decided to do this tutorial for your POTW project Shirley! I absolutely want to go out with hubby to collect a leaf and try this out very soon...especially before we get the snow! Thank you so much for sharing...I will be bookmarking this! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend!

Darnell said...

Whoa, Shirley! How cool is that?! Thank you for the tutorial for this! I've tried running leaves through my BS without success, but I've never Versamarked a leaf and then heat-embossed the pressing. Fun! Keep well and take care! Hugs, Darnell

Cheryl W said...

This is such a cool technique. I wonder what would happen if you ran the cardstock and leaf (inked up with Versamark and covered with copy paper) through your die-cutting machine to give added pressure. I'm not sure I can find any decent leaves outside. I guess I'll have to look at my houseplants to see if any of their leaves will work.