Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Friend

Escape out of the box has given us one technique - not really new but this surely has a bit of a twist which was fun. I modified it a bit more (by error) as I stippled in color on the entire circle. Oops - but I think it still turned out okay. I made this a gatefold valentine and added a bit of bling to the valentine hearts and stamped the word love. A bit of gold highlighting and the card was done in under 10 minutes. How much fun is this.


Patti J said...

LOTS of fun! I love these papers - are they TAC??? What a darling card! Glad you had a good time with Paige yesterday, and I can't wait to get 'my' books! I'm hooked...sigh...another Twilight groupie!

Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

Great card! I didn't realize that you used it to participate in my challenge! Thanks so much. You are to sweet!