Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween 26, 2015 Halloween Treats

I have two chemo patients and 2 senior buddies that I send weekly gifties/and or cards to so for Halloween I made up these fun mini cans filled with wrapped candies.  This was so popular several years ago, you cut the bottom of the can with a Pampered (or similar) can opener - fill the can then glue the bottom back on.  I made some cute little Halloween tags to put on top of each can.  These went in the mail late last week so they will get them by Halloween.  Now I will have to buy more small cans of fruit so I will have some extra cans to fill for Christmas.  


Cheryl W said...

These are so cute, Shirley, and how kind of you to send them. They will be a day-brightener, for sure!

Loz said...

These are so fantastic Shirley. What a great way to fill the cans..Loz

Patti J said...

I still have some of these empty and ready to go...thanks for reminding me to use them! These turned out so cute - your chemo folks will love them! Thanks for sharing!