Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Card

Yesterday I received a BEAUTIFUL birthday card from one of my BFFs Donna T. whom I have know for 25+ years. We met when we worked at DePaul Hospital in St. Louis, we were both "new" nurses and we just clicked. The friendship has grown through out the years separated by a little distance as I moved 80 miles south of St. Louis but we still keep in touch and manage to see each other as often as possible. She is my first downline angel so we have seen a lot in the lst 7-8 years with changes in TAC. Anyway isn't her birthday card to me - beautiful - she double embossed with cuttlebug and inked with 2 different shades of blue. I think the brown and blue go together very well. I just had to share with everyone who visits my blog.


Suzanne said...

It's lovely! Happy Birthday!!

Patti J said...

As someone VERY special would say, this looks even prettier IRL!!! Just wanted to drop by this a.m. and tell you Happy Birthday! Also, is my memory correct that tomorrow is your anniversary??? Off to Wally world - have a wonderful day, dear friend! Big - nope - HUGE hugs!!!

chatdumpgirl said...

Hi! I'm Patti G's friend, Tammy. We've met at MLC before. Anyway, Happy Birthday! Hope it is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely card.
Happy birthday!
Mine is tomorrow.
I want to thank you for the stamps you sent to Sarah and myself via Patty, they are lovely and i used some today on some cards.
It was very kind of you.
Hugs xx