Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Backgrounds

I have been seeing these ruffled paper flowers on several blogs so I watched a tutorial and made my own. I have been wanting to use the new Vintage Backgrounds for a while but just didn't quite know what I wanted to do. I was "cleaning" a bit this afternoon and when I saw the sheet music I knew exactely what my plan was. Very simple using gold and white, I always try to add lots of layers, lots of embellishments but I think this one looks just fine just the way it is!!!


Teresa Jenkins said...

Great job Shirley! I am really liking all the flowers lately too! This is just lovely!

Patti J said...

Love it, Shirley!!! That music DID make a great flower! What a wonderful idea! I snuck in on DH's computer before he packs up to leave for this week. Mine should be ready by Wed. or Thurs.... gosh, I'm SO lost without it! Getting a lot of other things done though! Beautiful card - I love the vintage look, and the simplicity of the white and gold!! U rock!!! By the way - your background looks wonderful too!