Sunday, October 09, 2011

Wedding Pics

Just had to share a couple of pics from "the wedding" yesterday. My beautiful 24 year granddaughter got married and of course Grandma is very proud. She is simply beautiful and the ceremony was stunning. The other pic is of my youngest granddaughter Megan that I am always mailing fun stuff to - she will be 10 and was the junior bridesmaid and she is going to be as pretty as her sister.


Patti J said...

Sigh...they are both just gorgeous, dear friend! They look like their grandma!!! Hope they got their hugs from Aunt Pat! Thanks for sharing the photos - can't wait to see more!

Chelsea said...

What a pretty dress! And a proud grandma!

Seleise said...

what beautiful granddaughters you have, Shirley! Congrats!!!