Friday, December 19, 2014

December 19, 2014 Little Gifties

These are so much fun and EASY to make - I got the pattern from Dawns SU site, (my computer is not playing nice lately so I can't pull up the exact date).  These are just that little "extra" to add to a gift or when you just want to say "thank you" to someone.  You see it holds this:

which a lot of people carry in their purse or keep on their desk at work or home.  I went to Bath and Body Works and picked up several while they were "on sale" in various Christmas/winter scents.  I made 8 of these this afternoon - going to a luncheon tomorrow and want to give a couple of these with my gift.  These can be adapted to any season - I made them for fall too, now the next ones ewill be spring theme.  


Cheryl W. said...

Wonderful idea and cute gift!

Donna said...

Those are too cute, and they all have Shirley sparkle on them!

Laurie Unger said...

This is twice now that my comment disappeared on your site before I was done typing. So weird! This a just too cute and I love that you can tailor to any season or event! Thanks!

Sue said...

Shirley, these are such cute gift ideas. Yours turned out so