Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Baby Girl card

Today was a bitterly windy day in MO. so I stayed in my "woman cave" and played most of the day. Of course the copic markers were sitting on my desk so I had to do some more practice coloring, so far I am satisfied with my progress, I am starting on smaller subjects before I advance to bigger ones. And I did need a girl baby card as one of my co-workers is having a girl next month. Fortunately I work tomorrow to help pay for my addition. It is supposed to be a beautiful day and since I spend a lot of the day in my car I will be able to enjoy the change.


Patti J said...

What a cute card! You are getting very good with your copic's - the class was a good deal! I'm proud of your Angel do-dads on the sidebar-you are a blogging guru!!!

Ellie said...


Very cute card! Your coloring looks great!


Heidi Hihn said...

Very pretty! Some lucky parents will be thrilled with this card!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute card Shirley!