Monday, March 16, 2009

Bowling Book

This is a flip/flop bowling book I made for all 5 team members of my DH's bowling team. Lot of work but he did all the cutting for me. I would love to see their faces when he gives them to each team member at the banquet. Would I make 5 more - probably not!! By the 4th one I was really getting tired of bowling!!!


Patti J said...

I know you better than that - you WOULD make 5 more if you thought it would make someone you love smile!!! Your book turned out adorable! Wahoo! Tell Wayne, he sure knows how to cut paper and these books are a lot of cutting! Great job girl - you still da best!

Heidi Hihn said...

I think his teammates will love what you did for them!! It is nice that your husband thinks that much of your skills to get you to do this for his friend (and your I am sure)~