Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wedding Planner

Project for the Day - dear granddaughter and her roommate are on spring break from nursing school so they came and spent 2 days at Grandma's house - (what an honor for me). They are both engaged and were looking through Just Weddings and found a wedding planner that they loved. Off to Walmart FOR A 1" binder and sleeve protectors and down to the studio they went. On the front they used Growing Love bride and Bitty Blossoms on the front. They labeled each page and stamped asst. items depicting the occasion such as the service, music, flowers etc. In person they turned out really cute and they were both so proud of their books. But I am exhausted!!! I was having trouble posting both pics in one post so I will put the other next.

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Patti J said...

You and your Paige are so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship. It sounds like you had a fun and rewarding day with her and her friend Laci! Go camp with your handsome DH and get rested up now!!! Great job :-)