Saturday, April 04, 2009

Playful Kitties

This is a card I am getting ready to send to a friend this morning and she is a kitty lover just like me - well okay my dog is a real close second. I colored the kitty with Prisma pencils and OMS, (I just love to color). Hope my friend enjoys this card as much as I had fun making it. Quick update on DH - last pm was slightly improved from the night before. Nights are the worst for him but it helps if he take 2 pain pills before he goes to bed. It is going to be a BEAUTFUL day in Mo. so my goal is to get him and the Bella dog out for a walk this afternoon.


Patti J said...

LOVE it! I'm lovin' this card! You did a great job. Tell DH to stop whining. (lol - just KIDDING!!) I feel so bad for him! Got some neat b'day things - Jeff City had a HOBBY LOBBY!! imagine.... I'll call you this afternoon and tell you all about it!

Bren said...

What did you use for the tab in the corner! I am sure your friend will love this card. I enjoy coloring also.

Heidi Hihn said...

Nice job! You add nice details to your work! Sometimes the little things add that extra touch!