Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 28, 2016 Wishing you Well

One day last week my hubby asked me if I could make a "going away" type card for one of the employees at the bowling alley where he bowls on two leagues. So I asked him - when do you need it, he said oh tomorrow!!!  I really thought he knew how much planning time went into a card - but I was super pleased he asked me to make him a card.  He told me it was a payment on his investment in my hobby!!!

Well he too has a hobby, one of many but to go with the card he made this stepping stone to go with the card - and Connie the gal that was leaving loved both the card and the stepping stone.


Donna said...

What a cool card, perfect scene and goes great with the stepping stone, what a team you two are!

Patti J said...

How nice of DH to make the stone for her, and to trust that you'd make the perfect card! Beautifully done, both of you!!!